After much talking and work, here is “no”, our newest record.
It clocks at 36 minutes and HOPEFULLY is more acessible than all the other ones.
I´ve been working on this since 2011 and I am really happy about how it turned out.

It´s availble on ,, amazon music, , spotify and soon on many other digital stores:cover




3.moon canyons

4.iqlusion \ the bloated blues

5. outerspace

6. false projection

7. musidora

thank you everyone but specially Maeder Morris, A. Wizgel, Egobandit R. Paraná and Selma


t t taken from l of g

After the dazzle of day is gone, No labor-saving machine,That shadow my likeness that goes to and fro seeking a livelihood,
chattering, chaffering,How often I find myself standing and looking at it where it flits?,RECONCILIATION, Old War Dreams,Eidólons, From East and West, I sit and LOOK OUT,Faces,Continuity,Gliding over all, City of Ships/Orgies.

Date:Somewhere, Sometime.Maybe Never.

Why Bother?

Nobody´s Looking….

Rest In Peace, Don

You´ve been always an inspiration and a fountain of endless awe and happiness…

Now you´re safe as milk.

PS:I just found out Peter Christopherson (TG, Coil) passed away in November, almost 6 years after his partner´s death (Jhon Balance).He died in his sleep.As I also desire to leave.
Sleasy and JB; I hope you´re back together again and smiled when saw each other after so long…