NO´s Track By Track on “Na mira do Grove”

the All music related website “na mira do groove” published a track-by-track of our latest written by me.Check it out!



After much talking and work, here is “no”, our newest record.
It clocks at 36 minutes and HOPEFULLY is more acessible than all the other ones.
I´ve been working on this since 2011 and I am really happy about how it turned out.

It´s availble on ,, amazon music, , spotify and soon on many other digital stores:cover




3.moon canyons

4.iqlusion \ the bloated blues

5. outerspace

6. false projection

7. musidora

thank you everyone but specially Maeder Morris, A. Wizgel, Egobandit R. Paraná and Selma


t t taken from l of g

After the dazzle of day is gone, No labor-saving machine,That shadow my likeness that goes to and fro seeking a livelihood,
chattering, chaffering,How often I find myself standing and looking at it where it flits?,RECONCILIATION, Old War Dreams,Eidólons, From East and West, I sit and LOOK OUT,Faces,Continuity,Gliding over all, City of Ships/Orgies.

Date:Somewhere, Sometime.Maybe Never.

Why Bother?

Nobody´s Looking….

Rest In Peace, Don

You´ve been always an inspiration and a fountain of endless awe and happiness…

Now you´re safe as milk.

PS:I just found out Peter Christopherson (TG, Coil) passed away in November, almost 6 years after his partner´s death (Jhon Balance).He died in his sleep.As I also desire to leave.
Sleasy and JB; I hope you´re back together again and smiled when saw each other after so long…