Outstanding feedback!

A couple of months ago, we sent demos to some labels.Besides the usual disdain, there is a funny little tweet we get from the label Temporary Residence.They have a tweeter page dedicated to review 1000 demos submitted to the label.The reviewer is kind of sarcastic and acid on these micro reviews.That was our no:

0665/LINGERING LAST DROPS: Discordant jazz rock with occasional prog-rock vocals and synth backdrops. A bit of a fusion nightmare.

I am totally sure the reviewer only listened to the first three tracks.

Discordant jazz rock (All In?)
with occasional prog-rock vocals and synth backdrops(Sandsong)
A bit of a fusion nightmare (Not here Not Now).

Guitars + Sax is not always jazz rock
Anything with horns and guitars it´s not always fusion


Little old news

Just letting people (who liked the 1st album enough) know that “The Lingering Last Drops” is availble in FLAC format here:


There are slight differences between the mp3 and the flac version. Nothing that would change one´s opinion about the album but…



Album availble at emusic!


As I hinted on the previous post, the album is finally availble at emusic!
You have nothing to loose checking it out.You can join the website, enjoy free downloads and then unsubscribe if you don´t like the service, not spending a cent.

NOTE:The downloads are yours to keep even if you decide to unsubscribe.

tracks at mp3 @vbr

All In
Tthe Sandsong
Not Here and Not now

The Spectral Estate

So, give it a try, will ya?

Daylight, or something Similar!


Lingering Last Drops have a new album!
For the ones who listended to the first record (available for free at http://www.sinewave.com.br) this is much less ethereal, dreamy and distant.There´s still space and surely there´s ambience but it possesses an urgency rarely present on the the first record.The songs have the clear feel of a live band even though samples are still used for the sake of necessity.Jazz, soul, blues, gospel music, rock, ambient and exercises on silence (such a powerful element so rarely used) are its main points of reference.It was recorded from december 2009 to august 2010 with the help of seven other musicians
It´s titled “Daylight, or something similar” and features cover art of the Visual Artist Matt Mayer.
This is the tracklist:

1.All in
3.Not Here/Not Now
6.The Spectral Estate

It will soon be available at emusic and itunes.Meanwhile…

It is already at:


http://www.cdfreedom.com/artists/lingeringlastdrops”(256k mp3 tracks)


Soon on our bandcamp page.


The price will be higher because you can choose between the following formats: mp3 320k, AAC (high), AAC (low), FLAC and ALAC [I confess that I don´t know anything about the ALAC format.).It also includes some nice artwork in .jpg format.

Yet on bandcamp, there is a FREE EP which includes:

1.All In
2.Unlearn me (non album track)
3.Moonburst(non album track)
4.The Bloat (non album track)


There is also a limited (about 100) cd version in the works.Along with an alternative cover art, this version will include:

1.The regular album

2.A Cd-R of outtakes and alternate versions:

1.Rest – 3:41
2.Remarks – 3:35
3.Summer Fire (extended version) – 12:18
4.Light (extended version) – 14:54
5.Frozen Cellulloid – 4:59

3.Booklet with lyrics and photographs.

No price and release date are set for this yet.

Nowadays, it´s kind of shameful selling one´s own music but, if you can support me…thank you very much.If you can´t/don´t, thanks anyway.

Some ego nourishment!

Some nice people said pretty nice things about my music!

Ampeater is a virtual seven inch blog.I discovered them because I was looking for more information on PS I love You…I sent them two tracks which I think are the most representative of what we do and they liked it.Throughout the review they mention Bob Dylan, Neu!, Twin Peaks and Solaris.Not things you usually see together on a single review, huh?Check this out:


AMOR LOUCO is a brazilian blog which specializes in new sounds, specially shoegaze and post punk.They also liked my album (review in Portuguese):


And the net label sinewave, (the one that started it all for me) put one of our songs on their “best of 2009 ” compilation.I really appreciate their support…You guys are great!


Thanks, everyone!